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“All the true things must change and only that which changes remains true.”

C G Jung


Psychotherapeutic counselling offers the possibility of exploring our current life problems with another in a supportive, confidential environment. Through dialogue and creative work it becomes possible to see how our life may be affected by issues outside our awareness, the past and present concerns.

Change occurs as we become more self-aware and are able to let go of unconscious habit patterns and destructive coping mechanisms. Over time, this process may lead to feelings of increased vitality, a richer experience of life and fuller, more satisfying relationships with oneself, others and the world.

Psychotherapeutic counselling offers the opportunity to explore the meaning of our life and discover hidden aspects of ourselves. Indeed, it can become a way of unearthing and discovering our potential and developing future possibilities.

My counselling service is a synthesis of Embodied Relational Therapy, a type of body psychotherapy and Jungian focussed psychodynamic and humanistic principles. My approach is creative – in addition to the traditional core practice of ‘talking therapy’, there is the opportunity to work with dreams, art and body psychotherapy, in which I have training and experience. This integration encourages a supportive and sometimes challenging exploration of the wholeness of our lived experience - body, mind and spirit, both conscious and unconscious.

My approach is flexible and creative with the aim of meeting the uniqueness of every individual.