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Brighton Counselling


Brighton has something of a reputation for being left-field and non-conformist. As local resident Alexis Petridis suggests in his excellent Guardian article “Is Brighton Britain’s Hippest City?” this prevailing attitude can perhaps be traced back to the arrival of the Prince Regent, “who moved to an obscure south-coast fishing village and built a deranged Indo-Saracenic palace there, largely to get away from his parents!”

True or not, Petridis’s amusing contention certainly sets the scene for Brighton’s multi-faceted counselling and therapy culture. A quick glance on the internet reveals that for such a small city there is an enormous range of therapies to choose from - from reiki to rune casting, rebirthing to rolfing, psychotherapy to Angel Card therapy.

In addition to this plethora of possibilities, Brighton’s counselling credentials include being the first city in the UK to open a mental health hospital in 1905 at 101 Roundhill Crescent. This was a notable and laudable innovation – not least because the aim was to treat the suffering of patients rather than confine them to the lunatic asylum, which was frequently the norm in those days.

So Brighton has the accolade of not simply being a place for creative and alternative therapy, it has roots in grounded, conventional counselling and legitimate psychotherapeutic care. As a psychotherapist and counsellor in Brighton, I firmly believe in having a stance between the two positions. Brighton’s innovative and non-conformist culture creates the space whereby we can discover our individuality, question the status quo of our lives in relation to the collective, take risks to become the individuals we are. Equally, to facilitate this possibility, it is important to be grounded, have consciousness around boundaries, practice ethically and non-invasively. The wonderful thing about working in Brighton is that it provides a perfect context for working within these two positions, which in my experience are necessary for genuine, lasting change.

I work from home in the Fiveways area and from the Brighton Consulting Rooms which are just a few minutes walk from Preston Park Railway station.  If you live in the Brighton area and would be interested in exploring how to make positive changes in your life please get in touch.